How to include contracts with your game results

Use the read more link below to view this entire, simple to follow, tutorial with large photos of the steps required. For even greater convenience we have created a portable digital file for you to download.


After the game is over and transferred to the database (DBADD) press “F11” then select “LRECA” from the list and click “OK

The “Select recap destination” dialog box will appear, from here select “3 Text file” and press “OK

Save the text file within the ACBLscore GAMEFILE folder (C:/ACBLscore/GAMEFILE) then press “Save

The “Select recap option” dialog box will appear, from here select “9 Short Press + Recap (traveler format)” and press “OK

We can leave the “Report width” dialog box at 114 and press “OK

Close or minimize your ACBLscore program and open BridgeComposer. It should be located on your Desktop as a shortcut icon. If you don’t yet have BridgeComposer you may download a free trial from their website.

Select “Tools” from the BridgeComposer menu, then select “Import from ACBLscore…

Navigate to your “GAMEFILE” folder on your PC and select the .BWS file related to the game. For example, if your game was played on the Afternoon of January 19, 2017 you would search for a file named “20170119A.BWS” and open it. NOTE: If you don’t see the “.BWS” files (1) click on the file type field (2) and select “All Files (*.*)

Now we need to import the associated text file we generated earlier. To do so we once again select “Tools” from the BridgeComposer menu, and then select “Import from ACBLscore…

Continuing with the example from above (Afternoon Game on Jan. 19th) we now need to search for a file named “20170119A.txt” and open it. That is it, now we select “File” then “Save As HTML…” then navigate to your Desktop and select “Save

Close BridgeComposer. When asked to “Save Changes” select “No

Now we need to upload that html file to your website. To do so, open your internet browser on your computer and navigate to the managers’ backend area of your website (this depends on your website setup. If you are not sure, contact Bridge Club Manager for assistance.)

Enter your username and password then press the “Login” button.

You should now be logged in. Click on “Upload Game Results“. Alternatively you may select the “Website” tab, then “Game Results” component.

1 : Click on “Browse” to locate the HTML file you generated on the desktop.

2 : In the “Choose File to Upload” dialog box, under the “Folders” column towards the left click on “Desktop” then scroll down to locate the game file and double click on it to select it.

3 : Click on the “Upload” button and in a few seconds the game results will be posted online.

Upon successfully uploading the Game Results file the message above will appear. If you would like, click on the “Game Results Calendar” text to view the results calendar and confirm that the upload was a success and that the results are correct.

If you encounter issues or have any questions, please contact Bridge Club Manager support.