New Game Results Links

We wish to extend a BIG thank you to James E. with the Santa Fe Duplicate Bridge Club and Dan A. with the ACBL Unit 388 for suggesting an improvement to the links for club game results.

Previously, the game results page simply listed the game date followed by session (example: 2018-02-01 – Afternoon Results). It was asked by James E. if it would be possible to also add in the day of the week. James E. noticed that his players had difficulty locating the game result since they would have to recall the specific date of game play.

Now all game result links will display as year – day of week followed by session (example: 2018-02-01 – Monday, Afternoon Results).

Since not all ideas are created equally, we normally take such feature requests and add them to a list and await for others to request a similar feature. The idea being, if enough people request a feature it is one worth adding. This improvement request was an obvious “do now because it should’ve been due yesterday” that we started implementing it immediately.

The first bridge club web site we applied the update to (after the Santa Fe web site) was the up and coming ACBL Unit 388 website. In so doing we discovered that Dan A. had already tweaked his Game Result Session names to reflect the day of the week. It’s an embarrassing day when a client beats a developer to an improvement but we are here to grow with our clients. Also, as we grow, they grow.

Thanks again to James E. and Dan A. for their input which will undoubtedly will the whole Bridge Club Manager subscriber base and players.